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two and a half update

two and a half update

I have been terrible at Eloise updates as she gets older. Most days I feel like I am treading water and can't even keep up with everyday life, let alone update her journal or my blog with the tiny details but I know I need to make the time. 

Lately I've been struggling with parental stress and anxiety with my everyday decisions. I question if I'm doing all of this parenting stuff right because we have a lot of bad days. I never want somebody to look at my photos and think I have it all together because I don't. These are just highlights of our life and I choose to highlight the best times, so when I'm sleep deprived and second guessing everything, I can look through my photos or IG feed and be reminded that things are always hard. Honestly, I don't know what I'm doing but I know I'm trying my very best to find balance of taking care of my family, my side businesses and myself. 


At 2 and a half Eloise is so so sweet, silly, sensitive, detail orientated, an observer, testy + sassy, decisive,  organized and caring. She's 100% a type A personality already and has the biggest heart. She loves music, playing with her babies, reading books, going on hikes, and going in "mama's car" because it usually means an adventure. She loves crafts like painting, coloring, stickers, stamps and play-doh. She loves her scooter and bike and walking Lucy. She's not a big fan of crowds or a lot of people, but she does awesome with friends when she's one-on-one (I wonder where she gets that from...).

She is speaking in sentences now, but she's still hard to understand because some letters are still hard....like "r". She can count to 10 really well and is starting to count to 20, knows her letters (if you point to random letters she can tell you what it is) but is still learning the ABC song, and she knows her colors and most shapes. I know I'm forgetting 100 things :) She says "I love it", "It's so pretty", and "oh, come here" (with a hug) all day long. She's talking more and more each day, I try to get her little conversations on video but sometimes she gets embarrassed. 

Eloise has been sleeping in a big girl bed for a while now, but sneaks in our room almost every night, which makes a good night sleep hard to come by these days. She's still really clingy and shy and needs to be touching me at all times (we are working through this for my sanity). She's mostly potty trained (except for nighttime) and is starting to get dressed and undressed by herself. She has moments where she loves Lucy, is obsessed with her dad, and talks about her family in WA a lot. It's so sweet that she is starting to remember things like when people visit us or FaceTime, because she will talk about it for weeks after. 

We asked her some questions the other night and it was so cute to hear her answers:

What is your favorite.....

  • Color: Red
  • Food: Cake (it was nick's birthday so we were eating cake)
  • Movie: Airplanes (super wings on Netflix)
  • Song: Up Down (Florida Georgia Line) and "the breathe song" (Taylor Swift, Ready for it... not sure why she calls it the breathe song)
  • Toy: Apple Toy
  • Animal: Giraffes and Goats


Time is going so, so fast. I still look at her and think she's a baby and I don't know where the past almost 3 years has gone. 

I love you more than you know, little Eloise Rose. 

Outfits: Miann & Co
Hat: Gigi Pip

Free Label Feature

Free Label Feature

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Made of Mountains + Mountain Beauty Collective