Friday, October 20, 2017

Fall Capsule Wardrobe

f a l l   c a p s u l e

"the best way to enjoy your favorite things everyday is to only own your favorite things"
-- by be more with less

Fall & Winter are my favorite seasons and we spend a lot of time out of the house from September- March so I decided to invest more in these seasons than I did for spring/summer. I love layering and pairing quality pieces with other items in my closet to make different outfits. Most of these pieces will transition into my spring/summer for next year and will hopefully last for years to come.

An example of a quality basic piece that pairs well with SO many items in my closet is this t-shirt dress from Amae Co. I quickly paired it with a few things and I know I could make more outfits if I spent more time looking. Make sure your expensive items work well with the rest of your closet. I changed my mindset through this capsule wardrobe project to look at my closet as a whole, and fill the missing spaces. Everything works together. I used to make the mistake in buying an item because I loved how it looked, but once I got it in my closet I realized I could only wear it with 1-2 things. Invest in pieces that you can make more than 4 outfits from; it's worth it.

I'm wearing Free People Booties-- these are over 2 years old and not on their website anymore. But the style is "braeburn" incase you wanted to track them down :)

My friend Kelly and I (check out her beautiful IG here) have been sharing style tips, ideas and honest opinions for a few months and she's inspired me to not purchase ANYTHING for my closet once my capsule is all set. So until Spring, I am promising to stay true to my capsule wardrobe and not add to it. For me, the whole point of curating a capsule wardrobe is so I don't make mindless purchases on items that I see on online, social media, or through friends. I finally have discovered my personal style and can honestly say that I love everything in my closet. I'm excited to pick out what I'm wearing because I love all of it. This was my ultimate feel content with what I have and to stop feeling the need to shop when I have coupons or promo codes in my email. So much time, energy and money went into mindless purchases in the past years... on items that I didn't love or need... hello target trips. I did spend a good amount of time, energy and money on this fall capsule wardrobe but once it's done, it's done... no more mindless shopping.

Not Perfect Linen Dress || Cardigan from BP
Not Perfect Linen Top

Not Perfect Linen Jumpsuit

I definitely learned a lot after my first capsule post and changed up my closet a bit since then.
For my fall wardrobe, I took a lot of organizational inspiration from Un-fancy & Be More With Less. I love these two blogs and find myself browning their posts and ideas a few times a week. I decided on a color palette for my fall capsule so I could easily make different outfits with minimal items and also so I could see the gaps in my wardrobe.  If you have a capsule wardrobe with random items and don't go together, you won't be able to create many outfits and it defeats the purpose.

My color palette is black, white, lavender, warm tones (like rust and honey) and chambray. I have items outside of this color palette like chambray, olive and blush pink... but the majority of my closet stays within this palette. I also added a pattern that would go well with all colors and I went with checks. I also wear a lot of linen because it holds up so well over time and acclimates to different temperatures, which is necessary for our lifestyle.

Color Palette

As I'm typing out my clothing list and going through my closet, I encourage you to personalize this list because everybody is going to have different things and different amounts based on their climate and style. Here's a quick guideline that I use each season and I also linked some of my favorite pieces below.

Clothing list:
  • Pants
    • Dark Wash
    • Medium Wash Jeans
    • Skinny Jeans
    • Boyfriend 
    • Wide Leg Pants 
    • Black Skinny Jeans
  • Tops
    • Basic Tank (2)
    • Short Sleeve (2)
    • Cropped style for higher waisted jeans (2)
    • Long Sleeve Casual (4)
    • Sweaters (3) 
    • Light weight "dressier" tunics-- can be worn with leggings or jeans (2)
    • Chambray button up
    • Flannel button up
  • Dresses
    • Patterned 
    • Solid 
    • "Event" dress
  • Jumpsuits
    • Linen Tank Jumpsuit
    • Short Sleeve (2 linen)
  • Outerwear 
    • Denim Jacket
    • Long knit cardigan
    • Casual poncho
    • Parka
  • Shoes:
    • Brown Flats
    • Black Mules
    • Lavender Clogs (from Sandgren
    • Olive Booties (with a heel)
    • Birks
    • Brown Booties (flat)
I also did not take pictures of my entire closet. Some items like a plain black long sleeve or a tunic in two different colors aren't very exciting ;). 
Amae t-shirt dress || not Perfect linen tunic dress

Camel Cardigan || Madewell Denim Jacket

Free People Chunky Sweater || Patagonia flannel || Camel Sweater 
Lady Friend Jumpsuit (I also have blush) || not Perfect linen Jumpsuit (pair it with long sleeves underneath and it's a 4 season piece)
Chambray Button up, Urban Outfitters casual long sleeve, LUSH tunic
Poncho || Straw hat from Gigi Pip

Links to my favorite items:
Everlane Denim
Everlane White Sweater
Everlane Wide Leg Crop Pants
Madewell High-rise Skinny Jeans
Lush Top (these tunics are my favorite. I have 2 in different colors because they go with everything!)
Madewell basic tank (I have this in white and black)
Urban Outfitters casual sweater
Cardigan-- the one I have it sold out, but I linked a similar one
Camel Sweater-- from piper and scoot
Madewell Denim Jacket (similar one from H&M here.... so similar most of you couldn't tell the difference on my IG stories)
Patagonia Parka
Chambray Button Up-- mine is old from Nordstrom BP but I linked a similar one :)
Free People Royale Flats

Small Shops:
not Perfect Linen (linen tops, checked dress, purple jumpsuit)
Lady Friend (black Jumpsuit)
Amae (copper dress)

I had so much fun putting this together. I'm not an expert at all, but love that this little hobby of mine can be shared with all of you. I love styling and organizing, so if any of you have questions or need tips or advice please don't hesitate to reach out!

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  1. I love your whole capsule! Totally pieces I would wear daily too �� Great advice and I need to follow this since I'm an impulse shopper too ��