Friday, August 25, 2017

What's Inside | Whirlwind Diaper Bag Feature

Hi friends! I have been neglecting my blog this summer and it's honestly been a much needed break.
But I'm back and refreshed and have some fun things planned for fall :)  I always wonder what people carry in their diaper bags and what some of their favorite products are to pack in there so I thought I would share mine. Eloise is almost two, so I don't need as much for her as I used to, but still like carry both of our stuff in one bag. I would love to hear your favorites in the comments.

Whirlwind Diaper Bag: I am so obsessed with this diaper bag. It's beautifully made from 100% cotton canvas and genuine leather, super light weight and has a ton of space and organization. The back has a compartment that my laptop fits perfectly in for bigger trips. I love that it's a backpack design because I'm out with Eloise by myself a lot and chasing a two year old around is hard work (two hands are necessary). I love finding bags that I will be able to use after I'm not carrying Eloise's stuff around. I have it in wheat and you can shop for it here.

for Eloise:
Parasol Co. diapers & wipes: I actually wrote a blog review on how much we love this company and their products. You can check that out here. They also offer a free trial pack so you can test them out before purchasing, you just pay the shipping.
Snack Cup: if you know Eloise, you know she is always carrying around a snack :)
Sippy Cup: this one doesn't leak, is easy to clean and cheap enough to replace when needed.
Camel Back Water Bottle: I'm weird and don't like it mix containers so I have a water bottle that's only for water. Eloise learned it pretty quickly at around 7 months. She's almost 2 and we still have the same water bottle. It's been through a lot... it's been dropped, thrown, left in a hot car and it hasn't cracked or dented. We just replace the mouth piece and straw every few months.
OXO Storage Containers: I keep berries, cheese, cut up sandwiches, etc in these containers and put them in her insulated lunch box when we take longer trips.
Carrier: I usually bring a carrier with, my favorite is my sling from WildBird
Tablet: Eloise loves to watch movies on long car rides, but I usually use it as last resort. We love the Amazon Kid Fire tablet for her.

for me:

Ray Ban Sunglasses: I love the classic look of Ray Bans. They are expensive, but last a long time and have great customer service. I've had my aviators for 5 year and they are in great condition. I also have these ones and love them.

Emmy & I clutch: These are made by the sweets mama, Stephanie. I keep all my things in here to keep it separate from all of E's stuff, so I can grab and go easily if I need to leave her bag with somebody else or at home. I'm obsessing over indigo dyed things lately, but she has a bunch of different fabrics in her Etsy shop. You can customize hardware, fabric, and the leather :).

And we pack all the snacks. all. the. snacks. Food takes up the most space in my bag when we leave the house.

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  1. This is so perfect! It is so chic looking and has enough space to put everything in it. Just perfect! I would try to order one for myself too.