Saturday, July 1, 2017

Medical Update 2017

I know a lot of you have been following along with Eloise's medical updates, some since I was pregnant, so I'll try my best to make this short and sweet :)

If you are new here,  you can catch up the past 2 years on these posts:
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2 years in the making: Eloise was diagnosed with a kidney defect when I was pregnant. They couldn't tell us anything which made it a really scary and stressful time for our family. When she was born, we had a room full of doctors (like 12 people total), just in case she needed to have surgery right away. Thankfully, she didn't need surgery and shocked everybody with how well she was doing. 

We took her to get some big tests done at 8 weeks to find out exactly what was going on with her kidney (and whenI say tests, I mean catheters, pumping dye into her body, IVs in the foot, x-rays, high radiation machines... not fun). We learned that that she had a ureterocele and inflammation around the right kidney and her ureter.  The doctors at Loma Linda Children's hospital decided to monitor her every two months, put her on antibiotics until surgery (she was on antibiotics for almost 2 years!) and they wanted to wait for surgery until 18 months as long as nothing changed in her little body. This meant, every single time she had a fever, we had to take her into the DR to make sure it wasn't the start of a UTI. Which means a catheter for a urine sample each time. She had a couple infection but we were able to wait until 18 months for the surgery. She had a little surgery around 18 months to pop that ureterocele, but because her muscles were so used to that blockage, she is at risk for urine reflux which would cause infections. 

We took her in for more testing recently... the same testing that she had a 8 weeks to test for reflux and THANKFULLY everything came back clear. And if you haven't seen your child go through a VCUG, it's not easy to watch. I thought it was hard at 8 weeks, but I think it was harder at 20 months because she was more aware and fought it every second. 

So after almost 2 years, many tears, prayers, messages, questions, appointments, hours in the car, a few infections, catheters, ultrasounds, specialist,  and endless antibiotics... we are finally in the clear and Eloise is doing great. She will only need to be monitored every year now and is completely off antibiotics. IF she starts having infections again, we will revisit everything but for now, we are so thankful to be in this place. 

To everybody who has messaged me, telling me different ways to ask for a catheter from the doctor and that Eloise doesn't need to be put through all of this, I hear you and I  forgive you. I am aware of the other options, however, the urologist needs a clean sample every time and a catheter is the only way to achieve that. I hope that you never have to see you child go through something like this. 

To everybody who has prayed and thought about us the past 2 years, thank you. You have no idea how much it means to us. 

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