Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Parasol Co. Feature

Do you ever find out about a baby product or company way late in life and wish you knew about it sooner? This is how I feel about Parasol Co. I wish I knew about these diapers when Eloise was born because we are obsessed. 

Parasol Co. makes ultra-soft, fluffy diapers using an innovative top sheet layer that reimagines the inside of the diaper, making it feel so soft and comforting to your baby. They are soft and fluffy, but also thinner than most diapers which makes it easy to put clothes over or just wear by themselves. 

"We’ve spent years developing the first American diaper with an ultra-soft top sheet layer that comforts your child unlike any other, but still uses less wood pulp. The fact is safe and eco-conscious diapers don’t have to be rough and bulky."

Not only are they soft and comforting for your baby, but they also out-perform all other diapers that we have tried. Parasol Co. diapers are hypo-allergenic, chlorine free, latex free, and fragrance free. Added bonus: they are PETA cruelty free and vegan :). These diapers are also SUPER absorbent. Eloise snuck into the little pool on our patio the other day (fully clothed) while I was cooking lunch. When I changed her out of her soaking wet clothes, her diaper was so heavy, but nothing was leaking out and the inside was dry. 

Since it's over 110 degrees here in the summer, you can find Eloise running around in just a diaper most days, so I love that Parasol's diapers are printed free of lead and heavy metals. My favorite is the Delight Collection but I'm loving the others too, so I'll be switching up the collections in my next monthly box (see the other prints here). 

Eloise has super sensitive skin, and I think we have tried every wipe out there and I have never loved any of them. Parasol's wipes are made out of cucumber, chamomile, oat and marshmallow extract + vitamin E and aloe. They smell amazing (seriously I wish I could link the smell of them in this post) and I'm guilty of using them on  e v e r y t h i n g. They don't irritate Eloise's skin or leave any reside.  They are thick, quilted and feel like cloth. You can shop and learn more about the wipes here.

If you're like me and hate going to the store, anything that I can get shipped directly to my door and off my shopping list is a huge plus. Parasol Co. offers a few different subscription plans depending on your needs (you can slo purchase the diaper packs and wipes individually, but it's 25% off if you decide to do the subscription verses purchasing the diapers and wipes individually). You pick your size, frequency and if you want just diapers or diapers + wipes. You can click here to get started on a subscription + let me know if you end up trying them and how you like them! Parasol Co. also offers a free trail that comes with 8 ultra-soft diapers in the delight collection and a 20 count travel size wipe pack. You just pay $5 in shipping... a great option if you are not quite ready to take the plunge on a full box of diapers and wipes. But if you decide to go all out today and do the subscription I promise you won't regret it. They are THE BEST.

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  1. A mothers top priority is to make sure her baby is using the best of products to be safe and comfortable. parasol co comes up with exactly that! im so satisfied with their quality of diapers for my nephew!