Monday, June 12, 2017

Let's Be Honest Mamas: Technology with Kids

Happy Monday friends! Today I am joining a group of amazing bloggers for a post all about technology and kids. My friend Hannah (find her blog here + IG here) puts these group posts together once a month. I think it's really fun to read other mama's opinions on subjects we all talk so much about. I linked everybody else participating at the bottom of this post so be sure to check them all out!
I recently talked about technology habits with Eloise over on IG and how I was feeling like a bad mom and a little self conscious so I challenged myself to set aside timed un-plugged time each day. I set my timer on my phone and don't grab it until the time goes off. If we make it past the timed amount, then I set it for longer the next day. I want to memorize the little details about Eloise that nobody else could possible know. I want to be more present and aware of every minute in our days. If you're struggling to find the time to unplug, start small and add 2 minutes each day. I think we all want to be present with our children but technology makes that so hard. I am challenging you, with no judgment of how much un-pligged time you get, because I truly think any time is enough.

+ Do you have an opinion on technology use with kids? Do you worry about being on your phone too much around your babies? 
  • I try really hard to put my phone out of sight or reach when Eloise is awake. I'm not perfect though and definitely have to put myself in check sometimes. Social media can become so addicting and I have to remember that some mamas aren't able to stay at home with their babes and I am truly blessed to do that. Time is so precious and I never want to look back on her childhood and wish for moments back because I was too occupied on my phone with social media. When I have a blog or Instagram deadline and can't find any other time to post, I will set her up with crafts and get some things done but I try to plan ahead of time and avoid that as much as possible. That being said, I know every family situation is different and would never judge what others do with their phones and kids. This is just how we feel and what works best for us.
+ What age did you or will you allow your kids to play with your phone, iPad, etc.? Do you restrict what they do on it? Will you buy them their own tablet?
  • I have one game downloaded on my phone for Eloise called "Peek-a-boo Barn" and she started playing with it just after she turned one. She is in love with it and it will occupy her for a good 30 minutes. We use it mostly for the car, grocery store, appointments or when she's cranky at restaurants. We also purchased an amazon fire tablet (kid edition... you can purchase it here) for Eloise when she turned one. We had a trip to Mexico planned and wanted a tablet for the plane and down time at the resort. She still uses it, but we try to restrict it to long car rides and traveling. She is too young to play games on it so she just watches movies and tv shows.
+ At what age did you (or do you plan to) let your kids watch tv and for how much time per day? Certain tv shows/channels? 
  • I think Eloise started watching Sesame Street before she turned one, but we didn't start movies until recently... mostly because she wouldn't sit through them or really enjoy them. We don't have cable so we are limited to Amazon Prime and HBO, which is kind of nice because it forces us to be intentional with the amount of screen time and what she watches. Eloise usually watches one episode of Sesame Street with breakfast or while I get ready for the day. We try to not use it as a "babysitter" so we try interact with her while she watches TV. Then she gets to watch another episode or movie in the evening, sometimes while I am cooking dinner if she's really cranky and clingy but usually it's before bed and we have family snuggle time. I would say she gets about 2-2.5 hours of screen time a day, sometimes less if we have other things planned.
+ What are your/your babe’s favorite tv shows and movies? Are you concerned with the message it teaches and do you restrict any shows in particular?  
  • Eloise loves Sesame Street, Trolls, Moana, Sing, Cars, Horton Hears a Who, and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. We try to pick shows and movies with positive messages and nothing too scary, but Eloise is drawn to movies and shows with music and catchy songs so we stick to those :). On Moana and Troll, she asks for the next song before one is over :) We don't really restrict any shows, but we prefer that if she's in front of a TV she's at least learning or singing/dancing instead of zoning out.
+If you do not use iPad/iPhones as entertainment/distractions while out, what types of activities, toys, explanations do you use?
  • I always have a pad of paper, crayons and a book of stickers in my diaper bag. And books! Eloise loves the books where she has to find objects (you can shop some here + here!). She also is really obsessed with music right now, so that save us a lot when we need a distraction and don't want to use the TV or tablet.
I would love to hear your thoughts on this... either on IG or the comments here. I seriously think about this subject all the time and I find it interesting what other families do :)
Also, don't forget to follow along and see what these other beautiful mamas have to say about technology + kids!

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  1. I can totally relate to your mom guilt! I try to leave my phone in another room periodically, but I've forgotten to do that the last few weeks & I need a mommy tech timeout! It's hard given the nature of our blogging gig, but I think boundaries and setting restrictions really help! And yes to stickers! That and paper always help! xx, Emily |

  2. Okay, where did you get that cute little chair that she is sitting on? Currently Zoe always sits on our pouf that has now been sandwiched down because she's always throwing herself on to it! So cute! And I'll have to download that Peek-A-Boo Barn game. I like the idea of at least having educational or animal games on your phone.
    xo TJ

  3. Love these!! I try and set my phone down and away from myself as well. I always feel soooooo good when I do.

    And welcome to the group.

    Kymberly Janelle

  4. I don't let Hazel use technology (I mean, she's only 8 months so she doesn't really need it), but I definitely have to put myself in check with it sometimes too. It's so addicting and I have to remind myself that I can look at my phone when she naps. I turned of the notification alerts because it would make me reach for my phone way too often.