Thursday, May 11, 2017

Tchoup Industries Feature

I think everybody has that one "thing" that they wish they could wear without being judged. For me-- that is fanny packs and mom jeans. Am I the only one who has been obsessed with fanny packs for years and afraid to wear them? I'm finally at the point in life where I don't really care what others think of my style. I've decided that I'm going to own it with confidence because it makes me happy. Before Eloise, I would drool over fancy purses at Nordstrom and dream of having a closet full of designer clothes, bags and shoes. But as I get older, I realize that I value well made, practical products way more than a big brand name. As a mom, a product that allows me to be 100% handsfree AND is really well made from an amazing small company is exactly what I obsess over these days. Because let's be real, I have a stage-five-clinger-19-month-old-daughter who rarely lets me put her down in public, so I usually look like a hot mess trying to hold a wiggly toddler, my diaper bag and pay for my iced coffee all at once. Let's just say, the fanny pack changed my life.

SO let me introduce you to Tchoup Industries and remind you that you should wear what makes you comfortable... don't let judgments or trends make you who you are. Be you and don't worry about the rest.

Tchoup (pronounced CHOP) is based out of New Orleans and source all of their materials in the US, as close to New Orleans as possible. If you browse their website here, you will clearly see Louisiana roots in their product design using upcycled rice bags and burlap curtains, genuine alligator leather, custom steel hook closures and hand woven fabrics. 

Tchoup Industries
Tchoup Industries’ mission is to build bags that support our Southern Louisiana community, that have a reduced impact on our natural environment, and that instill a spirit of exploration. We are passionate about using the synergies and resources of our thriving local community to produce relevant, socially-conscious products.

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You all probably know by now, I absolutely love supporting small businesses and local shops that have a unique characteristic. I was so, so excited when my good friend, Lane Brown (you can say hello to her on IG or her blog!), introduced me to Tchoup Industries. She was rocking her fanny pack recently and we got to talking about how amazing this company is, so I got one for myself!  This fanny pack is a great size, high quality, super comfortable and the woven panel is so beautiful. Also, if you are a New Orleans local or visiting the area, please check out their retail store and say hello-- 1115 Saint Mary Street.

As a family, we try to spend as much time outside as possible, providing Eloise with experiences rather than things. Sometimes that means we take a big day hike, and sometimes it's as simple as  a quick afternoon walk around Joshua Tree National Park with lots of berries and goldfish. I love that Tchoup encourages exploration with durable and sustainable products, allowing adventurous families to explore without having to worry about our gear being damaged. Since becoming a mom, I put value in products that are long lasting and practical. Honestly, I am guilty of being that girl who refused to put her purse on the floor because of the designer name on the front, but I'm long past those days. It's nice to be able to throw a couple of snacks, my phone and wallet into my fanny pack and go outside without worrying if the desert dust or hot sun will damage it. 

To celebrate Mother's Day this weekend, I challenge you to be adventurous. I don't know if we are doing this whole parenting thing right, but I do know that exploring as a family has done so much for us and has challenged me personally. As a military family, we move around a lot but truly embrace each place we are stationed. Instead of worrying about change and unfamiliar places, we try to make each duty station feel like home and we feel so blessed to be able to explore so many new places.  We want to raise Eloise to love the outdoors and feel confident in exploring new places. We want her to embrace change and see the positive in things we have no control of (like moving every 2-3 years). We want to be examples of people who always choose experiences and exploring over materialist things. We want her to look back on her life with amazing memories of being together as a family, instead of a room full of toys and a house full of things. So I challenge you: Be you. Be inspirational. Be with your family. Be present. Step out and reach past your comfort zone. Be confident with who you are.

"Exploring is about being curious for knowledge in a physically active way. We believe an explorative spirit can provide opportunities for understanding and conscious self-awareness. Through building durable packs and travel bags, it is our goal to inspire a sense of exploration in everyone." --Tchoup Industries

Happy Mother's Day!


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