Monday, April 3, 2017

Creating Eloise's Space

When we decided to move our couch over to create space for Eloise's toys and play area, I wanted her space to look clean and match the rest of our house. I've talked about our minimalism choices before, but my rule is: I have to be able to clean up her area in less than five minutes. If it takes longer, she has too many toys in that area. I don't want to waste time cleaning up hundreds of toys when I could be spending it in so many different ways. I am not against toys, but we choose to read books, be outside or do crafts instead of filling our home with plastic, musical toys. We do have a few, but our home isn't filled.

I have nothing against families who don't live the same way as us. This is what works for us and makes us happy.

I finally feel like her little space is complete! Lorena Canals sent us this beautiful rug (you can shop it here) and I'm obsessed.  The details are so cute.... I just love the little knotted tassels at the end. I think it looks perfect in E's little play area, and it accents her tent so well.

The best part is: this rug is machine washable and all natural. When it gets dirty (which it already has), we can just throw it in our washer and drier and it's clean. How easy?!
Eloise loves snacking and playing, so I needed something easy to clean. We did have our Gathre mat under her tent but I need it for outside now that we are in full spring mode. We are spending as much time as possible outside before we get into the 100s.

Lorena Canals Rugs
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