Monday, April 10, 2017

Capsule Wardrobe | Purging and Starting New

Be more with less. carefully curated. a closet of essential items that will not go out of style.
a capsule wardrobe guide.

A capsule wardrobe to me is: a closet that makes you excited to get dressed in the morning because you love every single piece in it. A curated closet that is filled with high quality clothes that match your personal style, not just the current trend. It's not about owning less pieces in your closet, it's more about changing your mindset about what you bring in and choose to keep. It doesn't matter if you have 150 things or 10 things in your closet but don't love any of it, you're on the wrong track.


  • first step... set aside everything that has unwanted holes, stains, fraying, discoloration, stretch, or awkward fit. Donate or throw away. 
  • this one is doesnt matter where you got it, the brand,  how much you paid for it. Get rid of everything you are holding on to because you like the idea of it in your closet and you don't wear regularly. Purge trendy items, fast fashion pieces (think F21, Zara, h&m trendy mannequin outfits-- I'm totally guilty of this). 
  • purge items that are not your size or that you purchased for an fun event that you might attend one day
  • if you have a dresser, take everything out and put it on your bed so you can physically see everything you have all at once. You might feel overwhelmed by the piles, but that's a good thing. Look at it, do you need everything in there. Does all of that "spark joy" for you? Go through everything this week and then do it again once a week until you feel like you love everything you have. 
  • as you're purging: if you have the space in your closet, push everything forward and move items that you want keep to the back to stay organized
  • try on  e v e r y t h i n g.  Keep only what you love. 
  • purge multiples. Do you have 6 neutral colored short sleeve shirts? Do you have 7 pairs of brown boots (but differety styles?)How many pairs of socks do you actually need?  Narrow it down to your favorites and sell/donate the rest.  
*if you're having a hard time committing, try out the Project 333 method here.

S T A R T   new

You have to change your mindset. Try to not fall into the seasonal shop traps unless you need to replace something in your capsule wardrobe. Imagine having what you need in your closet and not purchasing clothes for an entire year, how much money would you save? We are taught as a society that we can't repeat outfits in a week. But why? If you love something so much that you want to wear it 2-3 times in a week it should be 100% acceptable. I'm a firm believer in quality over quantity. For example:  I would rather have an amazing linen jumpsuit from not Perfect linen that will last me years, than spend $20 on a jumpsuit at forever 21 or target and have it wear out quickly. High quality pieces will be reflected in the price, but will show their true quality when you're still grabbing it out of your closet three+ years later.

I have been reading capsule wardrobe articles and blogs and all of them talk about having "15 items total" or "10 things in 10 days." I love this idea, but for me that isn't practical so I decided to do this a little differently.  Since we move a lot, I can't purge some items that I haven't worn in years. We live in the desert, but I kept all my nice jackets and sweaters because I will need those items eventually, since we move every 1-3 years. But if you're settled somewhere, keep your climate in mind when purging and starting new. I had some of you count your total items in your closet for fun, but I'm not here to tell you that you can only have 15 items. Some of you have 300+ and some have it narrowed down to 20. I'm at about 50 items not including workout clothes, accessories and undergarments and I was able to downsize enough to get rid of my dresser. Remember, the goal is to love your closet and wear every item in there, not to maintain a certain number.

M Y   C L O S E T

Each section might look different for you. This is my closet and I'm a stay at home mom. Depending on where you live, your occupation and your hobbies, this could look very different for you. But you can use this as an example + guideline when creating yours.

Jeans  //  dressy, comfy/casual, colored (I stick with black)
Tops //  short sleeve casual + dressy (colored and neutral), long sleeve casual + dressy (colored and neutral), tunic (patterned and solid), tank top casual + dressy
Shoes //  booties, sandals, dressy, casual
Dresses//  casual (colored and neutral), maxi (I stick with black usually), a dress that you can "dress up"






I am not going to list each item I own, or show you pictures of every single thing because that would be boring, but I want to share with you a basic guideline to get started and some of my favorite places to shop! There are some coupon codes attached as well and I'll be having a few giveaways in the next couple of weeks over on my Instagram (@theburleytribe).

not perfect linen jumpsuit // shop here

thistle and finn cardigan and tank // shop here
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the simple seam tee // shop here
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thistle and finn pink caftan // shop here
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love winnie james linen top //shop here
use code "LOVECAMILLE" for 15% off your purchase until the end of April
found company vintage 501 levis // shop here
use code "CAPSULE" for 20% off your purchase until Friday 4/14

jane and cope leather earrings // shop here

foothill fawn mama dress // shop here (restocking soon!)
use code "HOMESTEAD" for 15% off

shedo lane long sleeve // shop here
use code "BURLEYLOVE25" for 25% off purchase *active until monday 4/17

Please share this post if you found it useful, and let me know if you have any questions or suggestions. I want to know if this helped you and in what ways. This post took me over a month to plan and write, so if you have the time to update me on how things are going for you, I genuinely care and want to know about your journey. 

Happy purging :)



  1. LOVE this! The last outfit especially, so cute! Thank you for the inspiration to purge again (and the coupon codes to restock) xo

  2. So much motivation. I'm caught in that "I kind of want to keep this" stage and I just need to get rid of it and not look back. Plus, it gives me a reason to collect the pieces I really LOVE. Thanks for sharing these shops!