Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Spring Small Shops + Easter Basket Ideas

I always loved the Easter baskets that my mom put together for me and my sister growing up, so I was really excited to do Eloise's this year. I also love that the actual basket can be used again later, like to hold small toys or a "catch all" at the entry way.  & it's beautiful so it can really be used anywhere in your home.

I have an exciting giveaway with some of these small shops over on my Instagram (@theburleytribe) so make sure to head over there to enter to win! I included a few books and summer PJs, but you know I love my small shops :) And this Easter basket was probably more for me than it was for Eloise this year... at 18 months she doesn't understand gifts yet and can't have cadbury eggs so.... more for me!

I wanted to go with a spring theme since it's already in the 90s over here, and we are in full spring mode, so give me all the floral and pastel colors. We are also still going strong with our minimalist journey and decided to keep her basket small. 

Plum + Sparrow Basket
If you haven't looked through their beautiful basket and moses basket listings yet on their website, you need to! They also have an equally beautiful story to their company:
"Our baskets are made by an amazing group of weavers in a village in Africa, the group consists of both men and women who have developed this skill and art form which has been passed down from generations. They are also now passing it down to their children in hopes of creating a lasting legacy that will benefit their children"
Shop this basket here

Starry Knight Moccs
I feel like I am alway talking about how much we love our Starry Knight shoes. But it's true. I don't say it just to say it, we really have been buying these shoes since Eloise was crawling and I have a pair ready for her to grow into :)
shop these shoes here

Sweet as April Bonnets
Babies in bonnets... does it get any cuter?! I really love the heart of this shop. It's totally worth a 5minute read, so if want to read about it click here. Since we've significantly reduced our "stuff" in our home, the mission behind this small shops really means a lot to me. Carrie makes her bonnets out of preloved and vintage materials. Our country has terrible textile waste, and she's trying her best to save the earth from it, one bonnet at a time :).
shop these bonnets here
PS the next bonnet DROP is 3/26 at 1pm EST
(floral pictured)

3 & 3 Heirloom Dolls
Brenda is a truly talented creator. She sent us this little bunny (which goes everywhere with us by the way) and it's so beautifully made and is the most perfect light lavender color-- one of my favs! I hope to someday have an heirloom doll from her shop for Eloise as she gets older. 
"Creating dolls is my absolute passion. Giving me the opportunity to expand my imagination and explore new worlds of creative, expressive art. Each day learning something new.
My ultimate hope is to spread love and joy, creating treasured heirloom dolls that can be passed down from generation to generation. Each doll with its own story to tell. "
shop this bunny here

Made of Mountains Tee
This small shop in Montana is one of my favorites. Nick and I always say that Montana is a place where we could see ourselves settling one day. We are an outdoors family and my mama friend and owner, Britt, does an amazing job designing the most perfect tees for babies, kids and adults. We just got 2 more in the mail this week and we LOVE them! I talked more about her shop here.
shop this tee here

Remember I have over $150 in shop credits up for grabs on my Instagram. Good luck and happy Spring!

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