Thursday, March 9, 2017

Raising a Girl

I remember the day we found out that Eloise was a girl so clearly. I was convinced I was having a boy. I always picture myself as a "boy mom" and knowing how sensitive and dramatic I am, I didn't know if I could handle raising a "me" (sorry mom).

We had a boy name picked out, and honestly went into the appointment expecting to hear "you're having a boy!" And when she said "it's a girl!" I was so shocked and a little sad, but mostly really scared.

How would I teach her self love, a healthy body image, confidence and grace? How would I guide her through caddy girl drama in high school? How would I cry with her over her first love, when she's convinced that her world is ending? How would I teach her that she's beautiful naturally, and doesn't need to buy into our culture's idea of beauty?  How would I help her through social pressures and high expectations?

Fast forward to now-- I always catch Eloise looking in the mirror and laughing and smiling. Maybe it's a toddler thing and it's super exciting to see herself, but that image is so powerful to me right now. I never want that to change. I want her to look at herself in the mirror and smile, always. I want her to help me with my makeup, have it only take 7 minutes and her say "pretty!" always. I want her to kiss that baby in the mirror, have self love and a healthy body image, always.

I live for mornings like these. I couldn't imagine my life without a little girl. And I don't have all the answers on how to raise a girl. But Eloise, I promise that your dad and I will always try our best to lead you by example.

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