Wednesday, March 15, 2017

March Adventures // Made of Mountains Feature

We are a family that loves to be outdoors. Our afternoons are usually spent in the back yard playing with Lucy, making leaf piles and re-arranging rocks. Our weekends are filled with hiking, driving on off road trails and having picnics in the sand. I hope no matter where in the world we live that we always will make time to explore and adventure as a family.

Nick has been really busy with work, volunteering with search and rescue (he's also on the board now too), getting certifications and has a lot of random work conferences and trips. Eloise and I went to WA for a couple of weeks and she had her surgery so our schedules have been everywhere. We haven't been keeping up with our goal of a weekly hike, but we still try to get out of the house even if that means we are driving to a local area we have never been before. Our recent weekly adventures were "drives" because the wind has been so crazy, and picnics in the shade because it's already in the 90s. Gotta love desert living.

So I'm sorry I've been missing these posts, I know a lot of you look forward to our hikes and adventures, so I'm sorry I'm slacking. But here are some photos of what we have been up to the past couple of weekends.

And... GET OUTSIDE. There are no excuses. Don't want to pack up the car: go in the back yard. The weather isn't great: drive somewhere you've never been. Schedule is too busy: plan ahead, watch less TV and pick a day to make it happen.

Our tee's are from Made of Mountains, one of our favorite small shops for everything outdoors and adventures. Make sure to follow along to keep up with new products and sales! The SS17 release is TODAY, so run to their website because it's all SO, so good.

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