Friday, March 31, 2017

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This season of life has been kind of tough to be honest. I've talked a little bit about how I'm feeling over on Instagram, and I really appreciate all the kind words of encouragement from all of you who have reached out. I am really working on being okay with just being. If I can honestly say that I am giving 100% effort, I need to be proud of what I have accomplished and gotten through that day-- even if it means snuggling on the couch and watching movies all day with Eloise. Instead of feeling guilty the entire time, I am working on living in those moments and appreciating them as they are. I have been experiencing a lot of guilt and self consciousness and I honestly don't know where it's coming from. My family and friends have never made me feel guilty and Nick is my biggest supporter in everything I do. So I'm trying to work through these thought and feelings internally and get through this season, because it's definitely testing my patience, character and grace.

It's been super windy here in the desert, which makes it difficult to spend a lot of time outside and Nick has been gone a lot (he's home for a couple of day and then leaves again for 1-2 weeks). So props to all the single mamas out there, you are all my heroes.

That being said, we have watched "Sing" six times in a week and I've been letting Eloise eat on the couch. We've been coloring, doing little crafts and watching a lot of sesame street together. Her favorite thing is to bring all her "friends" on the couch and snuggle. You can find 2-3 animals in her arms at all times, and I love it because I used to do the same thing when I was little.

Eloise's llama and sun pillow are from a Blabla kids-- you can shop them here and here.
Each doll is made from a high quality, handpicked cotton which makes them extremely soft and huggable. Eloise walks around the house hugging her llama and now that she's old enough, she sleeps with her sun pillow. They are a little more expensive than a stuffed animal you might find at Walmart or Target, but they are fair-trade, and knitted patiently by very skilled artisans, one stitch at a time... each one is very unique which is something you won't find at big boxed stores.

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Crib Sheet // KB Cute
Eloise Chair // Pottery Barn Kids


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