Friday, March 24, 2017

Eloise is 18 Months | Medical Update

How is my tiny baby a year and a half?! My intention was to keep going with her monthly updates, but I can't seem to keep up with live and time got away from me. Plus, she's not changing as much each month anymore so I think I'll keep it more spread out. :)
I keep wanting time to slow down, but at the same time my heart is just bursting watching Eloise learn and do all these new things. You probably saw my Instagram post about her finally exploring more on her own (which by the way are some of my very favorite photos of her, EVER). It's so much fun to walk around with her and watch her confidence develop. She's even walking on our hikes and picnics... she's too big!

At the 18 month check today, Eloise was 35 inches and about 26 pounds. She has always been in the 99th percentile for her height, she's so tall!! Eloise is talking A LOT but I can't understand half of what she says... it's like baby gibberish but she tells the best stories. She can say a handful of words pretty clearly though, like: no, mine, mama, dada, papa, puppy, please, nice, up, down, on, off, all done, thanks, bye, hi, bubble, outside, more, moon, uh-oh, oh-no!, and ew. She also gives the best kisses and snuggles, and when she's done with a place we are at she will immediately start saying "bye" to everybody.

and then she also says some words that I'm pretty sure only we understand like: Lucy, there it is!,  waffle, tree, car, banana, cook, water, coffee, milk. I'm sure I'm missing some!

She is really good at pointing out her body parts (her belly button is her favorite, and she will find yours too) and making ALL the animal sounds when we ask. She loves reading, but these days she mainly just flips quickly through the books and points at random things with her own little story.
Eloise loves being outside. She collects leafs and rocks and hands them to us when we are sitting out back with her. Her favorite show is Sesame Street and she still hates the car-- you can judge us because we already bought her a tablet but it's the only thing that keeps us sane for any car rides. She loves music and dancing-- I'll try to get her dancing on video because she only dances with her feet and it's SO cute.

Many of you know that she had a procedure done the beginning of March. If you haven't been following along here's a quick overview... you can also click these links and read my previous updates here and here.
We found out that there was too much fluid around Eloise's right kidney and ureter when I was pregnant. They weren't sure what was causing it, if she could even urinate or if the kidney was properly functioning. They were prepared with SO many nurses and doctors when she was born just in case she needed emergency surgery. But she was fine and they weren't needed. When Eloise was 8 weeks old, we spent all day at the Children's Hospital doing tests that told us if her kidney was filtering her blood, and if she had reflux of urine back into the kidneys. Both turned out perfect. We went back every 2-3 months for ultrasounds on her kidneys and found that there was a little blockage-- something called a ureterocele. It was explained to us as a little blister (it's actually a rare birth defect) that blocks urine in the tube that connects the kidney to the bladder (ureter).  When the urine sits in there too long, it can cause UTIs and kidney infections, so the doctors determined that as long as she doesn't get any break through infections (she's been on preventive antibiotics since birth) they will wait for surgery until 18 months. Well fast forward, and she started getting infections, so that meant we needed to start this process. They did the surgery the beginning of march and now here we are.

The surgery lasted about 2 hours from when they took her back to when we were leaving. We had to be there at 6am, which meant a 3am alarm for us since the hospital is far away. Eloise couldn't eat or drink, which we were worried about but she did great with that. They went in with a camera and a blade (I don't know the proper terms!) and popped and drained the ureterocele. Eloise did great... the best we could expect of her considering the circumstances. We were able to go home that day and she only had about 24 hours of recovery.  Usually after the blister is popped, the muscle has a hard time strengthening and it causes reflux of urine back into the kidney, so more UTIs. There is a bigger surgery to correct the reflux where they essentially replace the ureter into a different spot in the bladder. That would be a few nights at the hospital and a catheter at home for a couple weeks. BUT....this also could be it for us. The doctor gave us a little over 50% chance that she won't need another surgery, but we will be closely monitoring with ultrasounds and reflux testing to see what happens. The blister could also grow back. This is just the beginning of this road and there's so many paths it could take. We wanted to update everybody who is emotionally on this journey with us. 

Thank you for the prayers and good thoughts. We truly appreciate it. 

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