Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Toddler Travel Tips

After booking our flight to WA 2 days in advance, I spent hours on Pinterest looking for ideas of how to occupy a toddler on a 3 hour flight and I reached out to my Instagram followers for advice. Also, I did this alone so I needed all the tricks and tips. I thought I would save you the time of researching and share what worked best for us! And please forgive my blurry iPhone photos below from our travel day. I will probably do a full post of our trip later on so you can re-live my moments and we can "laugh about it later" together. Like how the airplane didn't have a changing table and I had to put half of Eloise's body on the closed toilet seat (covered in paper towels) and did a squat so her bottom half was on my legs while I changed a poop diaper while she was screaming and flailing her body around. Laugh about it later.....

  • Post-it Notes: I bought a ton of different colors and sizes. Eloise loved peeling them apart and sticking them everywhere. I stuck some on the back of the seat and table tray in front of us and she peeled them off and filled the cups the flight attendant gave us. She's really into filling and emptying right now... so this was a good 30 minutes of playing. 
  • Weekly Pill Container: I bought a Monday-Sunday pill container and Eloise opened and closed each da. She would also put cheerios and goldfish in the little boxes and open them and eat her snacks. 
  • Stickers: When I asked for advice on Instagram, everybody said to bring stickers and I am so thankful that we did! Eloise loved them!! We brought a small notebook and hundreds of stickers and she was distracted for hours.
  • Pipe Cleaners: We play this at home too, but packed an empty water bottle and worked on fine motor skills by putting the pipe cleaners in the bottle and taking them back out
  • Window Clings: We didn't try this out because I couldn't find any last minute, but I thought this was a great idea if you have a window seat.
  • Tablet: we filled ours with games and sesame street :)
  • Crayons: we packed a few crayons and paper to color with. It didn't keep Eloise entertained for very long but she enjoyed coloring.
  • Baby Carrier: This was helpful walking through the airport. We loved our Solly Wrap when eloise was little because you can wear it through security, but now we use our Wildbird Ring Sling and take it off through security (I've heard you can still wear it and opt to be scanned but I haven't tried it.)
  • Snacks: Bring too many snacks and then bring some more.

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  1. Your baby is adorable! The article is very informative and it will help out a lot of mothers who have to handle the kids for hours. I am glad your child settled with all the things and you have been so kind to share the details with others.