Thursday, December 1, 2016

rad revolution feature

Rad Revolution has been a favorite small shop of mine since Eloise was really small, but when I found out they are based out of the PNW I love them even more! My favorite leggings for Eloise are from there, and I squeezed her into them until just recently :).
We have a couple of rompers from Rad Revolution, too. They are so soft and stretchy, and I'm all for an outfit that comes in one piece. Since they are sleeveless, they are perfect for the summer and if you put a jacket over them they can be worn in the winter, too! And stretchy means they fit longer. So basically you should buy some because they will last you through multiple seasons and kids in rompers are just the cutest.

Be sure to follow along with Rad Revolution on all of their social media outlets to keep up with the latest deals, giveaways and products.

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