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12 Days of Christmas: Small Shops

I am kicking off a mini series of 12 days of Christmas, so if you still have some shopping to do and need ideas check back to this post daily.
These are shops that mean so much to me. Shops run by mamas who work during naps and finish orders after the kids are in bed. Makers that have been through it all just to see their dreams happen. Products that my family genuinely loves and uses daily. Some of these posts are sponsored but the opinions are all my own.

Day 1 // Rad Revolution

This post is featured and can be found here

Day 2 // Honeybee Bonnets

I had the opportunity to brand rep for an amazing bonnet company called Honeybee Bonnets. Honeybee Bonnets donates $1 from each order to saving the bees, and they have a 30% off ready to ship sale going right now.  You can also use my code "WELOVEBONNETS" for 15% off regular priced items.  We have a couple of bonnets from here, and I put Eloise in the all the time. The colors are amazing and match with everything. I loved bringing our bonnets from the timeless collection to Cabo because they are light and i didn't worry about Eloise's head getting too warm. This shop is run by the sweetest mama of 4 and has quickly become one of our favorites. 

Day 3 // Slumberkins Sloth

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If you have been around Eloise, she has probably tried to share her sloth with you :). She's been attached to sloth since she was about 4 months old and seriously won't do anything without it in her hands. We found Slumberkins when they were known as "spoon and moon" on Etsy, and it's been amazing to watch these two mama friends grow their business and see their journey unfold. Upon first glance, Slumberkins are soft, cute, cuddly creatures. But beneath the surface, this adorable line of Slumberkins encourage positive attachments between caregivers and children. Each Slumberkin comes with an original, interactive, Sleepytime Rhyme, addressing a skill for children to practice. The three attachment skills include; mindfulness, self-esteem, & relaxation.
We have two sloths now and sent one as a gift to a close friend for her baby girl. And if you need a gift idea: pair one of the sloths with the book "Sparky" (we love it and read it daily-- you can shop for it here). Cutest. Gift. Ever. 

Day 4 //  My Wildbird

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Before Eloise was born, I researched so much about baby wearing -- safety, carriers, materials, all the rules, different ways to carry, brands and anything I could think of. When I came across My Wildbird ring slings I fell in love with the colors but was hesitant to buy one because of how difficult of a time we had with another brand of ring slings. I decided to get one because the price is too good to pass up for a sling,  and I am SO happy I did. And I ended up getting a second recently because I love them so much. They offer two different kinds of fabric, which you can read more about on their website, but I have the single linen in Lark and Tanager. With the really hot weather in the desert, the linen was perfect in the summer and has so far been perfect in the cooler winter weather. Eloise is 23 pounds and I can still carry her comfortably. The slings recommend up to 35 pounds, so you really can get a lot of use out of them.
"Quick, easy, comfortable and looks great. A place where baby can feel safe and loved, all while giving you the freedom and beauty of babywearing. WildBird Ring Slings are made with the highest quality linens and are designed with Moms & Dads in mind!"

Day 5 // Starry Knight Design

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The shoes we have from Starry Knight are quality made from leather, and have really held their beauty through many trips to the park, walking around in the dirt and crawling everywhere. I love them so much that I keep purchasing the same ones, but the next size up :) Based out of Montana, Starry Knight Designs makes high quality leather shoes and moccasins with soft soles for babies and kids. The soft soles are great for crawlers, and wonderful for their feet and balance when they start walking. AND they stay on!! Eloise loves to pull off shoes and she doesn't with these. 

You can use code NEWFRIENDS for 10% off at checkout.

Day 6 // Moonrise Creek

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I recently discovered Moonrise Creek (thanks Chelsi!) and tried their mineral foundation and purifying face wash and fell instantly in love. I've been wearing less and less makeup these days because... mom life... and I love the coverage this foundation gives, and it's healthy for your face. The purifying face wash smells amazing and leaves my skin feeling clean and refreshed. Eventually, I hope to switch completely over to all natural, organic makeup. 
Moonrise Creek is offering 20% off order place through this week with code MERRYANDBRIGHT at checkout. 

The mineral foundation: An all natural vegan powder, that provides glowing coverage with a light, clean feel, while promoting clearer skin, and creating a healthy luminous complexion. Formulated without chemicals, parabens, toxins, fillers or synthetics.  

Moonrise Creek contains an array of handcrafted botanical goods, including plant based skin care, mineral cosmetics, aromatherapy, healing herbal apothecary, mens grooming items, as well as other shaving and cosmetic tools. We are a planet wise, animal friendly, low impact, earth conscious company. 

Day 7 // Alpine Baby Co

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This year, we've been really focused on only purchasing things we need, eliminating the wants and buying intentionally. It's truly a process, and after a year of this focus we are still working on it. I am lucky to know a handful of bloggers and creators that also have this focus so I get daily inspiration, and Chelsi is one of these people for me. 

Chelsi is the owner and creator at Alpine Baby Co., and we absolutely love their clothing for Eloise.

Alpine Baby Co. strives to create sustainable, ethical clothing to the new babes & mini-adventurers in life. All of our clothing is handmade in the mountains of Montana, with American Made materials. Our designs are inspired by the natural beauty of the Treasure State & surrounding wildlife.
 There is something about high quality clothing... for yourself and your kids. When you spend a little more, it lasts. Eloise wears her feather leggings from ABC 2-3 times a week and plays hard in them, but they still look brand new. And when you shop with Alpine Baby Co., you are supporting a beautiful family of five, nestled in the Montana mountains fighting hard for their business and family everyday with each twist and turn life throws their way. 
Also-- if you need some minimalist, slow living inspiration... check out Chelsi's personal blog here.

Day 8 // Foothill Fawn

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We discovered Foothill Fawn when Eloise was so little, and I've loved each line Kaylee has released ever since. She hand makes each timeless piece using rare and beautiful vintage fabrics, so if you see something you love, grab it! We love Foothill Fawn's bonnets, but she also makes the cutest clothes and capes too! You can shop her Etsy, or she also posts a bunch of fun "flash sales" over on her Instagram. She's currently taking a Holiday break but will be posting flash sales, so make sure to follow along so you don't miss out!
 Kaylee posted a beautiful caption awhile ago on Instagram that I think truly sums up the meaning of shopping small.

"When you receive your order, please know the story behind it... Every vintage fabric is hand picked and usually searched out by me with baby in tote on my hip, hand cut and sewn while my record player is blasting and we are singing along to the classics, hand washed in one basin of the sink while my little is simultaneously bathing in the other, hung outside to dry in the warm summer night while I put her to bed, ironed and packaged the next morning while catching up on some terrible reality TV and then making a 20 minute trip into 'town' to send them off to their new homes ... What you order is not made in some factory outside of the states, it's made with love in Northern California and helps support a family. Thank you to all that shop small or support handmade and serious props to all you other small businesses - I truly appreciate you!!"

Day 9 // Sadie Sky

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Ae you guys still following along? :)
I am sharing one of my favorite shops for headbands and clips today: Sadie Sky Boutique Jess has become a good IG friend of mine, and she makes the cutest headbands and bows! The quality is great and she uses the perfect size of nylon... Eloise's headbands have fit from newborn and she still wears them now.
Go show her some love today, and if you're into Lula Roe... she is a consultant and always has the best prints.

Day 10 // Gathre Mats

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Imagine a blanket that is water proof, easily wipes clean, and fits in a diaper bag. Well gathre made that real life and my only regret is not buying one sooner. I bought our gathre mat to take to Cabo and now we use it all the time. Since the mats are made out of leather, it's so nice to not spend forever shaking it clean like I do with our blankets, and Eloise can eat off of it and it simply wipes clean when she's done.
Their story of how they started their business is pretty amazing, too. You can read all about the company on their website that I linked above, but here is my favorite quote and another reason we love shopping small:

Our children are the reason we do what we do. We hope to get down and connect with them in the grand and simple moments that are all around us. Those moments are often fleeting and go unnoticed but our mission at Gathre is to inspire people to recognize and appreciate those moments. We are encouraged by the call to gather. Gather memories. Gather loved ones. Gather adventure. And gather the beautiful! Ralph Waldo Emerson has said, “Though we travel the world over to find the beautiful, we must carry it with us or we find it not.” 

If you subscribe to their newsletter on the website you will get a 10% off coupon code.

Day 11 // My Favorite Boutiques 

Magnolia Roots 

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For day 11 I am excited to share some of my favorite boutiques. At the top of my list is Magnolia Roots-- a t-shirt shop on Etsy inspired by the simple life. Not only does Lindsey have an amazing etsy shop for all genders and sizes, she also has a pretty inspiring story of how she got her business going. Lindsey is a single mama and the sole income earner for her little family. Spending more time with her 4 year-old daughter was a priority for Lindsey, so she took the risk of quitting her full-time, steady job to pursue her dreams in starting Magnolia Roots. Needless to say, every order and all the support of her little shop means the world to her.

"All of my items are made (with love) in my home. I am passionate about the meaning behind all of my designs, so it has been fun to not only utilize my creative side (former dance teacher/choreographer/coach here), but to see others taking an interest in my brand as well. I feel so blessed. My recent partnership with the Women Food and Ag Network ( is my way of hopefully making a small difference in this world. I can't wait to have specific stories to tell my customers about how their support for my small business was also able to assist these women farmers, who are focused on sustainable agriculture and improving the quality of our environment."

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

I decided to link some of my favorite boutiques for shopping for girlfriends, sisters, moms, or a little something for yourself!
Arden | Jena Boom | Chloe VS Tank | Thistle and Finn | Piper & Scoot | ROOLEE

Day 12 // Jord Wood Watches

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Featured post here

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