Thursday, September 8, 2016

Disney Half Marathon

I did it! I ran 13.1 miles!!! 13.1!!!  and then walked over a mile back to our hotel :) We had the best weekend and Nick took such good care of Eloise so I could focus on my race and now she likes him better than me because he's the cool, fun parent.

I signed up for a half marathon before I could even run a mile without stopping. That definitely motivated me to train, and it's so amazing to see what your body can do with some hard work and dedication. I was NOT thinking about the timeline, which I ended up training through the summer in the desert where all of my runs were in over 100 degree heat. But I made it happen and pushed through. My goal was 2 hrs 30 min but the first 4 miles we were shuffling through thousands of other runners through Disneyland and CA adventure, I stopped for the bathroom and a few pictures in the park, and ended up with a final time of 2:34 which I am so proud of! I ran almost the entire race and accomplished something I thought was not possible.

Now onto the next half marathon in 6 weeks!!

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