Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Summer Trip to WA

After spending 10 days in Washington with a 9 month old without Nick, traveling all over the state to see family, Eloise getting four teeth and starting crawling, sleeping terrible at night and waking up every 1-2 hours... I could sleep for a month straight. We did have a wonderful time, but it's definitely not easy traveling with a baby. For those who think "oh it's just a 2-3 hour flight, no big deal...". It's 2-3 hours to the airport, shuttle from the parking area, waiting at the airport, 2.5 hour flight, and then going to our house, it ends up being a 8-10 hour day. I need at least 2 weeks to recover before I think of our next adventure, but I'm sure we will take more trips!

For anybody traveling soon with a baby, I have a few tips that helped me. I feel like every age is different in what you need, but this is what helped for 9 months old. Also a lot of our mistakes were silly and could have been avoided, oops!

  • Invest in a umbrella stroller. I still wore Eloise for naps at the airport, but the stroller was super helpful for eating lunch, the parking shuttle, and gives us a place to strap her in when she's not in the ring sling or Tula. 
  • Bring snacks, like puffs and the baby squeeze packs. One of my friends suggested to bring those to go squeeze foods for Eloise to eliminate bringing a bowl, bib, spoon and baby food. 
  • One of our bottles exploded everywhere because of the airplane cabin being pressurized. Um...common sense right?! These are the days that I wish I could still breastfeed, so much less to pack for the airplane. 
  • If you have time, sit and eat lunch. I filled Eloise up before the flight and she stayed really happy. Also, I stayed happy because those little airplane snacks don't really help when you're hangry. :)
  • Separate all liquids/ baby food/ formula/ and baby wipes in a big ziplock bag so it's easy to take it all out when you're going through security.
  • Eloise loved playing with a cup of ice that the flight attendants gave her, it kept her busy for a good 15 minutes.
if you have any really good tips, please please please let me know! 


Here are some pictures from our trip! Eloise had the best time, spent a lot of time with all of her family and went on a lot of little adventures.

Papa calls Eloise "petal" for her middle name "rose"

4 generations

Bow from ZoZu Baby