Sunday, July 24, 2016

10 M o n t h s O l d

We have been really busy this last month! We've been having a lot of indoor play dates, and a good friend of mine agreed to take turns watching each other's babies so we could each attend a work out class every week. Eloise loves playing with the bigger kids so it really works out perfectly. I've been doing HITT classes, which are very similar to crossfit and I love it! So thankful for good friends to keep us busy during these long summer months.

Nick has been training on the weekends for Search and Rescue so it's just been us girls. But the weekends that he's home we have been taking little day trips to escape this heat. It has been over 100 everyday, and this heat wave it's been in the 110's (it doesnt make for a very fun half marathon training schedule). It's nice to get away to cooler weather, and Eloise is obsessed with watching trees, plants, and everything outside. We are also starting to plan her first birthday... I can't even believe it! I'm hoping the next 2 months go by slowly! 

At 10 months, Eloise:
 Is wearing 9 month clothes, size 3 diapers
↠ Is about 21 pounds
↠ Sleeps through the night with 2 naps a day
↠ is crawling everywhere
↠ Has SIX teeth 
↠ Pulls herself up to kneeling, almost standing 
 Is eating everything and is mostly feeding herself. She's starting to not love purees... so I've been on the hunt for finger foods that she likes. Her fav right now is pita bread with hummus 
↠ "Open mouth" kisses us all the time, she initiates the kisses and it's so sweet
↠ Loves sesame street, especially "the letter of the day" song
 Loves story time at the library, swinging, and the pool
↠ Babbles mama, baba, dada, yaya, luc. Copies sounds like "woof woof". She is making so many new sounds, and having full conversations with herself that I wish I could understand
↠ Is little miss independent. She doesnt like to be held as much (and I'm emotional about it), and she loves to play on her own

6 months - 10 months 

Newborn - 8 Months

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