Tuesday, May 24, 2016

8 Months

We are officially moving! Our lease was coming to an end and we decided if the timing was perfect and base had a house for us in a very specific time frame, we would do it. And it all worked out. 

It's bittersweet saying goodbye to this house. Even though we only lived here for a year, it holds so many sweet memories for us. It was the house that I finished my pregnancy at. The house that I made my dream nursery for Eloise. The place we brought Eloise home to. The house where almost all of our immediate family met Eloise for the first time. The house where Eloise had so many "firsts", even though she will never remember. This place is beautiful, and our landlords are great, but we are excited to start saving a little bit of money and be around a community on base. We will also be really close to so many parks, pools, kid activities and friends.

Eloise is 8 months old! We had our first Mother's Day together. I had a really bad cold so we decided to hang out around home most of the day (which is exactly what I wanted to do anyway :)). We walked around Joshua Tree National Park for about an hour, Nick made breakfast, I was spoiled with cards and gifts, AND I had a surprise week long visit from my sister! Nick was traveling for a few weeks, which left me alone with Eloise. Rachael flew in the last week he was gone to spend time with us and help me with baby E.

Eloise has her next kidney ultrasound this month, and we will get results in July. Prayers that everything is the same so we can continue to hold off on surgery until 18 months. We appreciate all of your support!

At 8 months, Eloise:
↠ Is wearing 6-9 month clothes, size 3 diapers
↠ About 19 pounds
↠ Has two teeth (bottom front)
↠ Babbles "baba" "dada" "hi" and sometimes "mama." These sounds just come out when she's babbling. She isn't associating the words with things yet.
↠ Pushes herself backwards all around the house, and gets really, really mad during tummy time because she wants to crawl forward but hasn't figured it out yet.
↠ Fake laughs and fake coughs
↠ Loves getting her picture taken
↠ Clicks her tongue all time time
↠ Gives open mouth kisses
↠ Loves whispering
↠ Loves going to Starbucks and stealing pieces of my pumpkin bread
↠ Is starting to feed herself pieces of avocado and puffs
↠ Still loves her stroller, being in her sling/wrap, and her "puppy" lucy

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