Sunday, April 24, 2016

7 Months

Eloise is now closer to one than she is to zero. I will probably say this again, but I think this age has been one of my favorites so far. She's so interested in the world around her and she's learning and changing everyday. Her personality is showing more and more, and even through her feisty moments she has us laughing at her all day. She recently started "growling" like a really low, deep tone and thinks it's so funny. She still squeals and screams. And about a month ago she started doing this "revving up" sound. Imagine a teenage boy showing off his car at a stop light, that's what she does and kicks her legs at the same time. (Where do they learn this stuff?!) Family that have visited recently should know what I'm talking about... but I'll try to get it on video :).

At 7 months, Eloise:
↠ Is wearing 6 month clothes, and some 6-9 month
↠ Eloise said dadadada, but does not know what she's saying... does that count as a first word?
↠ Her bottom left tooth broke through!
↠ Pushes herself backwards all around the house
↠ Loves "finding the baby in the mirror"
↠ Sits outside and watches the cars go by
↠ Loves Lucy
↠ Laughs when I flip my hair around, Auntie Rachael taught us this one :)
↠ Loves eating... especially squash and bananas
↠ Tries to grab everything we eat/drink
↠ Loves water bottles
↠ Hates getting dressed/undressed
↠ Is officially in a convertible carseat // it was so sad moving her from the infant one to a bigger one, but she's more comfortable now and enjoys the car again

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