Friday, March 18, 2016

Eloise is 6 months old!

It's so hard to wrap my head around the fact that we've had Eloise in our lives for half of a year! When I say it out loud, it sounds like such a long time. Looking back, I don't know where those 6 months went because it honestly feels more like 2-3. She has taught me so much about being a mama, and has challenged me in so many ways already. It's so much fun to watch her grow and develop, and I can never repay Nick for allowing me the opportunity to be a stay at home mom. I do have moments where I envy the moms who work and provide for their family financially (the extra money would be nice sometimes), but I truly am so thankful and I know I'm so lucky that I get to be here with Eloise all day everyday. 

We've been keeping busy the past couple of months. Eloise and I run with a group called Stroller Warriors every Wednesday and Friday. She loves being in her BOB stroller, and it's nice to get out and interact with adult humans a couple times a week. I've made some really great friends through the group already! I signed up for a half marathon in Disneyland in September, and Nick has been busy with volunteering with Search and Rescue. Eloise had a day with Nick this past weekend so I could visit one of my best friends who just had her 2nd baby girl, and I got my hair done! I cut it all off, and I love it. AND we have visitors every other weekend until May, so we have a lot of fun times and memories to look forward to. 

At 6 months, Eloise:
Is wearing 6 month clothes, and can fit into some 6-9 month. Still in size 3 diapers.
↠Weighs 17.5 pounds (77%) and is 27 inches (95%)
Loves scratching textures. The couch, dirt, her clothes, blankets... She needs to touch everything
Reaches for us when she wants to be held
Grabs Lucy's lips and ears
↠Can't sleep without a lovie (unstuffed stuffed animal)
Is eating pureed foods and loving it (I'm making all her food and plan to do a blog post about it soon!)
↠Is cutting a tooth!
↠Is sitting up for about 10 seconds at a time
Is learning her sippy cup
Loves to be lifted up in the air or tipped upside down
↠Loves to stand up
↠Hates when we take off or put on her clothes
Officially rolled over in front of both me and Nick
Pushes herself backwards during tummy time to move around (does this count as crawling?!)
↠Is sleeping 6 hour stretches at night, and can self soothe thanks to this book

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