Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Minimalist Lifestyle

I wouldn't say we are minimalists already, but Nick and I definitely are conscious of what we buy and what we keep. Maybe it's because we've moved around so much and are forced to go through all of our things every couple of years. This week, I've become more inspired to take minimalism to another level after I found @mytinytribe on instagram. She is an inspiring women in so many ways and I really enjoy following along with her life even though we have never met. She has a plan for a different room each week that you can follow along with, but her take on it is: shifting the family values away from things and focus more on experiences, purge what you don't need or use, and only keep just enough, no extras. For example, I swear we have 100 blankets in our house, but how many do we really need? It's better to love a couple than it is to keep all of them and barley use them. How many sets of sheets do you need? Socks? T-shirts? What are you keeping in your house "just in case"?  She literally goes through each room in your home and helps you get into the mind set of less is more.

Because less really is more. Having less things gives us more time for memories, experiences, adventures. Less to clean up. Less to maintain. Our world is so materialistic, but I honestly can say that gifts that create memories are truly the best gifts to me. You can retell a story and bring back memories for a life time, but a new shirt or movie will get lost in the shuffle of life eventually. Nick and I have been doing this for each other since we started dating. We give gifts that create memories, we plan trips for all special occasions and it's so fun to talk about all the things we've done together. It works for us.

@mytinytribe says "I've realized what a burden "things" can be. But things that remain in my home out of guilt, are an event greater burden."

If this interests you, please go follow her instagram account and start this journey with us. It is so freeing knowing our house isn't filled with extras and we have exactly what we need.

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