Monday, January 11, 2016

It won't last long

It's been a really rough week for me and Eloise, which meant Nick picked up all my slack and cooked dinners all week (so thankful for him). She's been really fussy, has bouts of screaming fits where she is inconsolable that last 30-45 minutes sometimes, eating a lot, not napping or falling asleep at night easily and doesn't like to be set down. I called our doctor's office and they chalked it up to teething and a food sensitivity, so I've been keeping a food journal to try to figure it out. She is also getting used to being back home from 10 days in WA, and I read somewhere there's a growth spurt and a sleep regression at 3-4 months... so she's going through a lot. (and so am I because I had to cut out coffee). But I keep reminding myself that this won't last long... it's just a stage.

Through this week though, I've also felt a lot of pressure, not sure from where, but pressure that we need to start sleep training Eloise, to get her on a schedule, to get her to sleep in her own room, that I shouldn't hold her while she naps (even though that means she gets an extra 30 minutes). Maybe it's from the "parenting books" like What to Expect, or blogs that I read, bragging about where other babies are in their development. It's so easy to compare our selfs to others, and I'm committing to work on not letting myself do that anymore. I know everybody says it a million times, but all kids are different.

So why does society teach us, as parents, to do things "one" way? If all kids are different, why is it frowned upon to hold your baby through naps, to let them sleep in your bed if it's been a rough night, to wait to sleep train until it feels right. Maybe the pressure for me is coming from being a new mom. Am I doing this right? I don't know. But I am going to continue to do what feels right for Eloise and try and not let the pressure of the world get to me.

And to savor precious moments like this because I know it doesn't last long:


  1. Being a mom is hard. Not sleeping is hard. Hearing them cry is hard. Wondering if you're doing it right is hard. It's all hard, and they're so amazing.

    1. I meant to end with, I completely understand! I got distracted by the baby and didn't finish haha.