Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Christmas Card 2015

Now that our family has grown we thought we should spend some time and thought on our Christmas Card this year (and actually send one out consistently). We live in a really beautiful part of the desert and wanted to capture that in a photo to remember how lucky we are to live here.  A lot of people hate 29 palms and dread being stationed here, but we truly enjoy it. There isn't a lot to do here as far as shopping, eating and theme parks like there was on the coast, but Joshua Tree National Park is so beautiful and we seriously go every weekend with or without visitors. So of course, we took our christmas card picture there, and it was quite the adventure.

We got ourselves ready, picked a cute outfit for Eloise (you can't even see it in the picture) and drove into the park with Lucy in the back. It took a while of driving around to find the perfect spot, and once we did, I set the settings on the camera and set-up my tripod (we don't know many people here and decided to take the picture ourselves). As soon as we took Eloise out of her carseat she started screaming :). So, I fed her, and it was actually perfect timing with the lighting by the time she was done and ready.  We set the self timer to take bursts of 10 pictures each time and after about 100 pictures, we found 2-3 that could work. If you can imagine trying to get a dog and baby to both look decent for the camera... it isn't easy. 

I usually use Shutterfly for all my photo projects, but I decided to try out minted since the price was comparable. There are so many beautiful options for cards and it was really hard to choose.  I love how our Christmas Card turned out and will definitely be using them again!  

Merry Christmas! 


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