Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Due Date

Yesterday was Eloise's due date; October 13th I was going to become a mama. Instead, September 24th my world was changed for the better.

Despite everything we have gone through medically to welcome her into our world, I am so happy she came into our lives when she did. We have enjoyed the past 3 weeks bonding with her and can't wait to watch her grow. We've had so much help and support-- we really can't thank everybody enough. From the cooking and cleaning to holding Eloise while we shower and rest, we truly appreciate it.

Eloise is developing her little personality already and is changing so much everyday.

△ Loves walks. We've been walking with her since the first week home
Hates her arms swaddled. She needs them out all the time and by her face. We learned the hard way with trial and error when she was fussing all night.
Loves being carried in her ring sling and wrap. I enjoy using both for different reasons but my Solly Wrap is my favorite.
△Loves baths, thankfully. & we hope it stays that way.
△Loves looking at Lucy but hates when she kisses her ;)
△Loves when Nick reads books to her

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