Monday, September 7, 2015

Update on Eloise

9/11 UPDATE: After my 3rd round of testing, I was officially diagnosed with Preeclampsia. We are taking it day by day right now, and Eloise could be joining us at anytime. Please continue to pray for both of our health through this delivery! Thank you!

I have really been going back and forth on weather or not I wanted to blog about what's going on medically with me and Eloise. Some of you know whats going on, but the hardest part about writing this is we have minimal information and so many unanswered questions; information we won't know until she's born.

I have high blood pressure when I'm at the doctor's office and I've had it since I can remember. I get nervous and get anxiety and the numbers show it. Since day one of pregnancy, my OBGYN had me buy an at home blood pressure cuff and monitor my blood pressure daily. At home, everything is great! After I passed 20 weeks, the worry of developing Pre Eclampsia came up and I was tested for it (blood work and urine test). Thankfully, everything came back normal. During this time we moved to 29 palms and I was "doctor-less" because we switched our insurance and it had a delay. I drove back to Laguna Niguel for 2 more appointments and then was finally seen on base the beginning of August. Because of my record of high blood pressure, the new doctor wanted to re-test for Pre Eclampsia to rule it out again. And again.... all the tests came back normal. 

My new doctor on base wanted to monitor me closely because my blood pressure numbers do get so high. I have weekly NSTs (non-stress tests) and a few growth ultrasounds scheduled to ensure Eloise is growing properly and isn't stressed. High blood pressure can affect the placenta and cause the baby to be too small, so the ultrasounds are scheduled to check on the baby's progress.

At our first growth ultrasound, every parent's fear happened to me. The tech was really quiet and was looking in a specific area for a long time. I know that techs can't tell you anything without a doctor in a room, so I just laid there panicking quietly. I couldn't tell what she was looking at, but was praying it wasn't her heart or something life threatening. She told me that she needed to go get the doctor and that she would be able to tell me more about what's going on. They said Eloise is growing perfectly, that she was 5 pounds already, but they were concerned about her right kidney. They showed me the fluid around it, the enlarged urethra (the tube that connects to the bladder) and then showed me the left side as a comparison of what's normal. But that's all I knew. I called Nick and went to see my midwife for a little more information. All we were told was it could be nothing and work itself out before birth, or it could be a blockage or reflux in the kidney and urethra and would need surgery to fix it. But they set us up to see a specialist in palm springs to do further testing.

We had an appointment with a maternal fetal medicine specialist, but right now we still don't know much about whats going on. The specialist didn't seem confident that Eloise's kidney would correct itself before birth (but we can pray for miracles!). He gave us a high percentage for surgery after birth, but we don't know what that looks like or when that would happen. We do know that she will have two tests right when she's born to tell us more information-- to see if it's a blockage or reflux or just a slower functioning kidney. Right now, our next step is to meet with a pediatrician that specializes in this condition to make a plan for Eloise after birth. 

If you read through this, all we are asking is for positive thoughts and prayers for our little Eloise. We promise to keep an update as we find more. We struggled about putting this information out there because we know so little and are unable to answer questions. We don't want to worry anybody because this isn't life threatening, but we do want to keep our family and friends in the loop. 

It seems like plans change every week, so we are really learning to be patient and trust the decisions made around us. We are so thankful that this is a kidney we are dealing with and we know that little Eloise is going to be okay no matter what.