Sunday, June 28, 2015

Moving/ 24 Weeks

We are finally all settled in our new home and somehow surviving the desert heat (over 100 everyday!). We took a trip to Joshua Tree National Park already and love it! I can't wait until the temperature cools down enough to go explore the park by foot, not just by vehicle. I will write a post about all the vintage, rustic and unique places we have explored so far, but this area isn't as bad as I kept hearing about. I love shopping local and supporting individuals who are living their dream, and we are so lucky to do that here in the desert. We went antiquing the other day, found a cute coffee shop and nice restaurants. If you make the best of it and have a good attitude, you can find hidden gems and fun things to do in twentynine palms.

Joshua Tree National Park

24 weeks:
Size of Baby: Cantaloupe
Maternity Clothes: only shirts so far!
Stretch Marks: No
Cravings this week: Sprite/carbonated water, cereal and fruit
Sleep: Still uncomfortable, the heat is making it worse
Movement: I feel her all the time!! Nick finally felt her this week too :)
Belly Button: In
Due Date: October 13

Favorite Product: Mama's Belly Butter
I know stretch marks are unavoidable and hereditary, but I love this product for many reasons. I haven't seen any stretch marks yet :). I tried Palmer's and didn't like the scent. I use coconut oil sometimes, but it is a little too greasy for using it 2x a day. I use Mama's Belly Butter every morning and every night. It moisturizes, relieves itchiness and smells great! It is made with all organic ingredients, so it may seem a little pricy, but I've had my 4oz jar for 3 months and still have some left.  Plus, buying products that are all natural are worth the cost. I have sensitive skin so I was a little hesitant to try this out, but it's been great. I am so glad that I bought it because now I'm obsessed. Click HERE for the Empire Squid shop on etsy. If you're not growing a human, they have many other products, too!

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