Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Two New Feet!

First, I want to apologize for the lack of attention with our blog in the past 2 years. But, I'm back! and it's true, we are expecting a little girl in October 2015! We could not be more excited, and we have already been spoiled by friends and family. So far, I have had the easiest pregnancy. I never had morning sickness and me and the baby have been healthy at every appointment. :) My plan is to update the blog every week to document the rest of my pregnancy.

18 Weeks
Size of Baby: Sweet Potato
Maternity Clothes: only shirts so far!
Stretch Marks: No
Cravings this week: Cereal
Sleep: getting good sleep at night and no naps during the day anymore
Movement: I can feel small flutters occasionally
Belly Button: In

This is our announcement picture :)

We are also moving to twentynine palms in June! Though it's sad to leave the area we are living in now, we have learned to embrace the military lifestyle and find the good in every place we are stationed. We will be living less than 5 minutes from the entrance of Joshua Tree National Park in a cute, 3 bedroom HOUSE, with a back yard! And it's only a 2 hour drive, so saying "goodbye" to the amazing friends we have made here won't be as hard knowing we will only be a short trip away.

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  1. love your announcement. so excited for your lil' girl.