Saturday, May 30, 2015

20 weeks- half way there!

We are visiting family in WA for a couple of weeks. We drove and brought Lucy with us :). It was a long drive with a lot of stops, but we made it. I can't imagine doing another cross country move right now (2 days was enough), so I am really glad we are only moving a couple hours away to 29 palms. We have been spoiled with baby clothes and attention from our families! 20 weeks came so fast and I'm still feeling really good.

20 weeks:
Size of Baby: Banana
Maternity Clothes: only shirts so far!
Stretch Marks: No
Cravings this week: Sprite/carbonated water and taco time
Sleep: I'm getting more uncomfortable at night and it's been difficult to fall asleep
Movement: I can feel her at night a lot! We can't feel her from the outside yet
Belly Button: In
Due Date: October 13

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