Saturday, September 22, 2012

On the road again- Days 1&2

I say again because it feels like just yesterday that we were heading east, and less than a year later we are heading west. The movers came and packed everything on Thursday. They were super nice and very quick. We left Virginia Friday afternoon and made it to the border of Virginia and Tennessee in a town called Bristol. Today, we left around 930am and 12 hours later we are in our hotel in Little Rock, Arkansas. We gained an hour today so it's much nicer going east to west with he time difference. So far, we have loved the drive. It's been beautiful with hills and mountians. Much different than what we have been used to in northern Virginia. And everybody is so so nice-- everywhere we have stopped people have told me "hi" or "what a beautiful dog", doors are held, people smile. We are loving th southern hospitality.

Tomorrow is our first anniversary :).  Our goal is to make it to Amarillo, Texas. 

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