Wednesday, August 8, 2012

My North Carolina Visit

This last weekend, I took a short trip to visit Nick in North Carolina! We had the best weekend together and wished we had more time, but today marks the exact halfway point of being apart and I know the next 6 weeks will go by quickly. 

After I finally got to Jacksonville on Friday afternoon, Nick and I got lunch together, checked into the hotel, and then headed over to the Bales' house for dinner. Courtney and I became really close through TBS and I truly believe it wouldn't have been the same without such a good friend by my side. She has really become one of my best friends, and her husband, Jimmy, is going to Supply school with Nick. They are stationed at Camp Lejeune for the next few years, so it was mandatory to visit as we won't have the opportunity to spend time together anymore being on opposite coasts.
me & courtney

On Saturday, we woke up early and headed to the beach before the afternoon storm came through. The beach was beautiful and very relaxing. We only spent a couple of hours there, but we swam in the ocean, walked and laid out in the sun. In Washington state, I don't think I have ever actually swam in the ocean. It's always too cold at the beach and the water is usually freezing, so it was really fun to do that in North Carolina!

After the beach, we got lunch at firehouse (nick was missing it), went to see The Dark Knight Rises (amazing movie!) and went out for dinner later.

 After relaxing, seeing Camp Lejeune and shopping on base on Sunday, I met Courtney at Starbucks to say goodbye and headed back to Virginia in the afternoon. I got to sit in the car from 2:30- 10:15... thanks VA traffic.

We had a great time this weekend and didn't want it to come to an end... it really did go by way too fast. We kept saying "it feels like we just started dating."

I guess distance really does make the heart grow fonder. :)

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  1. Reading this makes me heart hurt for you guys. You are half way through the long stretch. Beautiful pictures. Glad you got some time together.