Tuesday, December 27, 2011

New Traditions

Even when we were dating, Nick and I had never spent Christmas together, so this year was our very first one. We got a small, fake Christmas tree from Target and decorated it together a while before Christmas. Our tree looked really full thanks to Nick's childhood ornaments him mom sent us, my collection of ornaments from working at a Hallmark, and the small size our our tree. :)

On Christmas Eve, we decided to go out for dinner. We really love Buffalo Wild Wings, so we were thought we would see if they were open for Christmas eve and they were closed. There aren't really any good restaurants close by, just places like Apple Bee's, Chilis, Ruby Tuesday.... nothing special. But we remembered seeing another sport's bar similar to Buffalo Wild Wings called Micks and decided to try it out. Luckily, they were open until 6pm and we were able to eat there. We had drinks, burgers, and even splurged on cheesecake. We really missed family and big home-cooked meals, but we had a nice and relaxing Christmas Eve.

On Christmas day, we woke up with coffee, stockings and gifts under the tree. Lucy had her own stocking, and it was so cute watching her open her wrapped toys and treats. We played card games until our families in Washington woke up and started their Christmases, and the day of Skyping began :). First, we Skyped with my mom's side of the family: my mom, my sister Rachael, my grammy, my poppy, and my cousin Arielle. We opened our gifts from them and watched them open the gifts we sent. Then, we skyped with Nick's family: his mom Shari, his step dad Steve, and his sister's Morgan and Stephanie. We had a little break until my dad was ready to Skype, so we played on our new wii (thanks grammy and poppy!) and ate chips and dip. Then, we skyped with my dad's side of the family: my dad, my sister Rachael, my brother Shane, my grandma, and my dad's girlfriend Shelley. We opened gifts, and watched them open gifts we sent. We watched my brother Shane open his gifts, and he was so excited! Santa left him a scavenger hunt of notes leading to a bike in the closet, so he was really excited that he was on the nice list this year.

After spending time with our family, we made dinner. We decided to start a new tradition with each other for Christmas. Since thanksgiving wasn't that long ago, we didn't want to cook a huge meal again, especially for two people. SO, we made breakfast for dinner. We made homemade waffles, sausages and bacon. It was really fun to make the waffles and super easy too. You can NEVER beat the taste of homemade waffles. After dinner, we relaxed for the rest of the night.

We are so thankful for such an amazing family. Even though we couldn't all be together this year, they definitely made us feel so loved and blessed us with a wonderful Christmas.


  1. first christmas together...so fun!!! merry christmas you two love birds!

  2. That is so sweet! Isn't skyping the best?? Adam and I never spent a Christmas together either when we were dating. It makes holidays now even more special!