Sunday, October 23, 2011

One week in Virginia

We have officially been in Virginia for a week, and we are finally feeling like we are getting settled in and familiar with the city of Stafford. Though we don't have any furniture yet, we have most of the boxes unpacked, organized and today we started hanging some wall decorations and pictures. And thanks everybody for all our wedding gifts, we are enjoying all of our new things- especially our new kitchen stuff :). It's finally starting to feel like home.

Nick checked in to TBS on Tuesday and he is really enjoying it so far. The first couple of weeks he is in processing, so he does a lot of paperwork and spends a lot of time in classes. We are at Panera right now so he can use the internet for some online classes, we don't get Comcast at the house until Wednesday. Nick and I took a drive around base on Saturday so I could see where he is working. We went to the exchange, looked around and hung out at the Starbucks for a couple of hours. The FBI and DEA training happens on Base Quantico too, which I didn't know until we drove by the entrance. The base is huge, and it was pretty cool to see everything.

The weather here is very warm still. It feels weird to be using the air conditioning in the car at the end of October, but we are not complaining. We still wake up in the mornings (like today) and put on long sleeves and sweatshirts.

The Marine Ball is coming up, November 5th, so we went shopping for a dress for me on Saturday. I was kind of nervous to go dress shopping without a girlfriend, my sister, or my mom, but Nick helped me SO much and we found the perfect dress. Believe it or not....he also picked my shoes.  They were the first ones he pointed out when we first started looking, and I told him that I hated them and wouldn't try them on. But after about 30 minutes of looking and trying on shoes with no luck, I ended up trying the ones on he liked in the beginning, just to prove to him they were ugly and didn't go with the dress. I hate to admit it, but the shoes he picked were perfect. I should listen to my husband's fashion sense more often ;)

We are all doing great here, and I am finding things to keep busy with during the day when Nick's at work. I just applied for two jobs, Starbucks and Outback, so keep your fingers crossed for me!


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